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Future RE Capital Management is a Maryland based, Real Estate Investment Company founded by Christopher Harrison in 2019. Mr. Harrison started the company with a mission to identify, invest in, and rebuild residential properties in affordable housing markets across the United States. After a number of successful investments in residential housing, it became clear that the world’s outlook on lower-to-middle class housing was in desperate need of revitalization. This lead to early investments in residential and multifamily housing.

Today, Future RE Capital Management strategically targets residential, 1-4 unit and commercial assets in affordable housing and workforce markets within eighteen (18) U.S. states for the purpose of acquisition, renovation, development, redevelopment, and long-term leasing. With multiple years of experience, the company continues to maintain a very strong track record of purchasing, renovating, and selling several residential homes, commercial properties, vacant properties, multi-unit properties and mixed-use properties. The Company’s scalable business model will rapidly create substantial revenue while targeting affordable housing real estate markets throughout the U.S. in the future. 

Innovation Built On Real Estate Experience

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With over $30 million in assets under management and 40 years combined experience, Future RE Capital Management focuses on acquiring, renovating, leasing, and the sale of residential, multifamily and mixed-use properties in affordable housing markets targeting eighteen (18) U.S. states.


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We believe the shortage of affordable housing undermines local economic recovery and expansion. Investments in affordable housing and Qualified Opportunity Zone assets can transform economically disadvantaged areas and the families and individuals who live and work in them. Our focus is on markets with high rent populations, a shortage of affordable housing and access to public transportation.



We are driven by a purpose to provide affordable housing to lower and middle-income residents in growing U.S. cities. We believe by investing in lower income communities, we can create local economic value and stimulate job growth.

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Through our investments, we seek to generate ongoing cash flow and long-term value appreciation for investors.

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