Future RE Capital Management to Launch new Real Estate Fund Coming June 1st

Future RE Capital Management to Launch new Real Estate Fund Coming June 1st

Experts in transforming low-to-middle income housing into attractive properties Future RE Capital Management is seeking $25 million to invest in promising housing opportunities.

Future RE Capital Management has won praise not just for its work to help transform low-income housing, but also for making many affordable communities proud again when it comes to real estate. Building on that continued success, the firm recently announced it will launch its exciting new Real Estate Fund on June 1st, 2022. This will give investors the opportunity to not only support their work, but also participate in the profits.

“This is a big opportunity for us and investors,” commented a spokesperson from Future RE Capital Management. “We have the successful formula and the right team. With increased financial resources, we can scale our work to the next level. It is a real all-around win, and that includes the communities we serve.”

Early investors will be rewarded with special incentives.

The geography being targeted for projects is primarily Maryland; Delaware; Pennsylvania; Ohio; Florida; and New Jersey.

The firm hopes to raise $25 million through the new fund. One highlight includes investors who invest in the first 12 hours of the campaign receiving an eye-opening 55% additional shares as a bonus.

Future RE Capital Management is a Real Estate Investment Company based in the state of Maryland with target strategies on the East Coast. The company’s management has over a 30-year combined history of owning and operating assets with a focus on property, short term financing and private equity.

The company has a range of public and private investment products and services, which leverage its expertise and experience and provide the company with a competitive advantage in affordable housing markets and opportunity zones in low-income to middle-income real estate markets.

For more information on the company, contact us.

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