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Buy Near A Growing City

Ah, the age-old wisdom of patience and foresight. John Jacob Astor wasn’t just talking real estate; he was talking life!

Spotting potential before others do, taking that leap of faith, and then waiting patiently for your vision to blossom. It’s all about seeing the diamond in the rough, or in this case, the bustling cityscape in the empty plots!

While everyone else is rushing, be the one to pause, plan, and profit. After all, good things truly come to those who wait (near growing cities, apparently!)

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Ever wondered what’s in for you when you invest in a growing city and there’s that little voice that says otherwise. Well picture this, imagine early investors who bought land in areas that were considered so much out of town, they are now smiling all the way to the bank.

In areas that was considered far flung, are now the hot cake, as investors are running to have a piece of it. With the current devolution system and the government investing in cities, you too can own a piece of land within the city.

As you embark on your land investment journey; studying the direction of growth of a city or town highlights areas that have become populated over a specific time frame and where this activity has been focused. This information is beneficial to owners and potential investors for a multitude of reasons. Back in the days, the United States had very few famous estates and surrounding areas were dotted with forests and undeveloped land, over time, the areas began to pave way for the surging population.

Texas Dominates the Fastest-Growing Cities List

Out of the top 15 fastest-growing cities, six are located in Texas, showcasing the state’s significant population surge. Following Georgetown, Santa Cruz, California, emerges as the second-fastest-growing city with a notable 12.5% increase, adding approximately 7,000 residents. The subsequent three cities experiencing rapid growth are also situated in Texas: Kyle, Leander, and Little Elm.

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Numeric Population Growth: Fort Worth Takes the Lead

Texas stands out as the only state with more than three cities on both the fastest-growing large cities by numeric change and fastest-growing large cities by percent change lists. Fort Worth, Texas, secures the top spot for the largest numeric population gain in 2022, with a remarkable increase of 19,170 people. The other cities making significant numeric growth include Phoenix, Arizona (19,053); San Antonio, Texas (18,889); Seattle, Washington (17,749); and Charlotte, North Carolina (15,217).

The Most Populous Cities in the United States

After New York and Los Angeles, the ranking of the most populous cities includes Chicago, Illinois (2.7 million); Houston, Texas (2.3 million); Phoenix, Arizona (1.6 million); Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1.6 million); San Antonio, Texas (1.5 million); San Diego, California (1.4 million); Dallas, Texas (1.3 million); Austin, Texas (1.0 million); Jacksonville, Florida (1.0 million); and San Jose, California (1.0 million). Fort Worth, Texas, and Columbus, Ohio, both reach a population of 1.0 million as well.

Population Change in Small Towns and Regional Differences

While a significant portion of the population resides in cities with over 50,000 people, the United States remains a nation characterized by small towns. Out of approximately 19,500 incorporated places, around 75% have fewer than 5,000 residents, and almost 33% have fewer than 500. Analyzing regional disparities, small towns in the South observe a growth rate of 0.4%, while the Northeast and Midwest experienced declines of 0.4% and 0.2%, respectively. Western small towns exhibit the most substantial growth with a 0.5% increase from 2021 to 2022.

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Area Developments Have Changed

Back in the day, anyone living out of town, in rural areas, would have their peers pity them and wonder how they get to town daily, then not so long after, developers thronged the area putting up gated communities, then construction of highways and voila! Land prices shot to the ceiling.

Successful long-term developers and investors are picky when it comes to where they purchase vacant land. They study area growth and development closely through various feasibility studies. The more developed an area becomes, the more profitable and desirable their property will be. Highly developed areas attract more interest, whether it is for developing for commercial or residential areas.

Buying land in growing areas does not have to be costly. If you study the areas where you’re interested in, you can find land that is affordable now and will be substantially profitable in the future. Intelligent investors benefit from knowing the growth trends and development patterns near their vacant land. Having a trusted partner like Future RE Capital Management can help you navigate through the phases of your development plan to achieve your goal.

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