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Press Release 05012021

Future RE Capital Management Announces new Partnership with Residential Capital Partners

Leader in affordable housing investments Future RE Capital Management are now working with lending specialists Residential Capital Partners to better facilitate deals.

May 1, 2021

Sometimes it can be a challenge to take advantage of an investment opportunity due to a lack of available funds. Finding the right lender can be a game changer. In that spirit, high volume, real estate investment company focused on the US-based affordable housing market Future RE Capital recently celebrated its new partnership with Residential Capital Partners, a leading hard money lender focus on residential real estate purchases and renovations. This is expected to be a true win, for both companies, and the clients they serve.

“We are always interested in expanding our capabilities and what we are able to offer to be able to do the best job possible,” commented a spokesperson from Future RE Capital Management. “This new relationship with Residential Capital Partners will be a great asset for us.”

Future RE Capital Management has over 15-years experience buying, renovating, leasing, and selling , residential and commercial properties strategically targeted across 15 states, with a special emphasis on affordable housing. The company currently is responsible for over 130 million in assets.

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