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Maryland Real Estate Investment Firm Future RE Capital Builds Momentum Gaining Investors & Real Estate Acquisitions

Making the right choice in real estate investment companies can be a life-changing decision. All signs point towards Future RE Capital proving to be a powerful force in the Maryland area as they build their catalog of real estate investment properties.

January 3, 2020

Real estate is clearly one of the spaces where an investor can transform their financial status, as long as wise choices are made. Maryand-based real estate investment company Future RE Capital Management specializes in seizing both residential and commercial opportunities and making the best of them.

Future RE Capital recently celebrated their success in 2019 bringing in both new investors, and most importantly, a continued series of well-returning real estate acquisitions.

“2019 was a great year for us and that is something that we have confidence is going to continue,” commented Christopher Harrison, CEO of Future RE Capital. “It is a great feeling to see our investors get the kind of results they are looking for and we hope to capitalize on other opportunities to provide value to our limited partners.”

According to the company, unlike many other investment firms, they often act in a fee-only, independent capacity, as a General Partner. This allows them the freedom and transparency to make decisions that are wins for the firm’s investors and limited partners that deliver. Among its assets under management, are low cost, Maryland rental properties along with an ever-expanding commercial portfolio.

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