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Future RE Capital Management is a Maryland-based real estate investment company that acquires and develops residential and commercial properties throughout the United States. 

In 2018, this network was created to provide our investors with up-to-date information about our company’s progress. We now have over 9,559 subscribers and are expanding our investment opportunities. We continue to provide our subscribers with value-added information and hold several networking events throughout the year where potential investors and subscribers can connect.

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We believe in growth and we welcome all business enthusiasts. Our subscribers consist of high net-worth individuals, fund managers, private equity firms, entrepreneurs, executives, professionals, and retirees. They come from a range of industries including: food, software, electronics, technology, apparel, and, of course, real estate.

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FRECM is a real estate investment platform that provides access to invest in residential and multi-family assets in affordable housing markets across the US. FRECM was founded in 2019 by Future RE Capital Management. FRECM was founded to allow all investors access to the lucrative affordable housing real estate market in the US. Purchasing a property, regardless of the size or price is a serious investment. Visit the FRECM plaform.

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Future RE Capital Management is an invaluable resource that can help investors meet strategic wealth goals. We provide the best  information to those who are on the quest of gaining industry insights and opportunities at their fingertips.

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