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Future RE Capital

Market Opportunity

Future RE Capital Management targets pre-foreclosures and distressed properties in 15 states: Maryland; Washington, DC; Virginia; Delaware; Pennsylvania; Ohio; North Carolina; South Carolina; Florida; New Jersey; West Virginia; Massachusetts; Georgia; Illinois; and Connecticut.

With a focus on distressed, affordable housing real estate markets in the United States, the breadth of our local presence underscores our commitment to prioritizing the needs of our investors and stakeholders.

Future RE Capital provides an array of real estate investment strategies, management and integrated services that deliver value.

Future RE Capital

Affordable Housing & Target Criteria

The Company is targeting both pre-foreclosures and distressed properties located in highly populated cities and areas. A more detailed description of both renovations, residential, and multi-family leasing is presented in our detailed marketing strategy.

Future RE Capital Management offers creative acquisition solutions to real estate pre-foreclosures, pre-short sales, and distressed owners in need of property solutions.

Future RE Capital purchases low-income to middle-income, residential, multi-family, and commercial properties for “below market” value in opportunity zones. The company also takes over mortgages, offer short term private lending to real estate investors and offer other creative solutions to property owners in distress while helping to rebuild communities, create sustainable jobs and offering our investors better returns.

Sustainability Approach

Future RE Capital Management recognizes the importance of delivering financial value to our limited partners and clients  by creating sustainable spaces in which occupants wish to live, work, shop and play. Empowered by a sustainability mindset, our investments are delivering value for our clients and investors by managing risk more effectively and delivering enhanced value from the assets we manage over the long-term.