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Real Estate Investment Platforms

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Real Estate Investment Platforms

Real estate investment platforms are a way to raise money for real estate investments by reaching out to a pool of investors to contribute funds into a project. Simply put, it is a method of fundraising that enables real estate investors and sponsors to finance large or small projects.

Real estate investment platforms are often linked to us through peer-to-peer lending or financing of real estate ventures. The process of raising money is carried out through an online investment platform. One party (the borrower/sponsor) enters a forum with the intention of securing financing for the launch or enhancement of a real estate project. Another group (investor/lender) enters the network to invest money in exchange for high returns on investment.


Locking down the funds required to invest in real estate is usually a major challenge for both newcomers and experienced investors. Property investment platforms can be an excellent alternative to fundraising and can also provide some important advantages for borrowers/sponsors and investors/lenders that include the following.

To the Borrowers and Sponsors:

  • Real estate investment platforms expand the sources of financing as the investor network grows.
  • Peer-to-peer lending enables early-stage real estate companies to start operations more quickly.
  • Efficient peer-to-peer lending ventures result in positive word of mouth and subsequent client loyalty.
  • Money and time can be saved using a user-friendly investment platform.

For Investors and Lenders:

  • Attractive, high-yielding, short-term investments
  • Peer-to-peer lending opportunities do not attract investment costs, which means higher returns (average ROI 12%-16%)
  • Investment platforms profit from transparency in transactions
  • Investment platforms provide an opportunity to diversify your investment through multiple asset classes

If you are a real estate investor with liquidity, you can passively increase your returns by participating in investment platforms.

Whether residential, commercial, or multi-family assets, several investment platform sites are available to investors in real estate. Without the right details, one can easily get lost in a sea of choices. When choosing a platform, review all of your options such as; site accessibility, level of customer support, platform functionality, and all available documentation. You may want to select a platform that functions as a broker-dealer rather than a listing service, and a platform with previous experience in real estate investment handling.

Before using a real estate investment platform, find out what kind of documentation the company receives prior to the closing of potential deals and whether they, as a firm, have liability insurance to investors when something goes wrong. As for customer support, check the presence and efficiency of the customer service offered by the platform.

This article was published by FRECM. For more information on our investment platform and available opportunities, please contact us.


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